Our Core Team

Mr. MAD is extremely mad about people who always works with passion and commitment. He is now Founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

Madhu Parvathaneni

Ms. HANDLER, she knows when to be smart, when not to be and a person who drives the team. She is now Co-Founder and CEO.

Archana Rao

Mr. DEPENDABLE of ORL, he always has the solution for every bug that ORL team does. He is now Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Surya Kumar

Mr. DEVOUT of ORL, very sincere and fully passionate about what he do and committed towards what he talk.

Syed Muthahar

Mr. JOLT of ORL, Good team member and plays a vital role in getting the components for the desired circuit. Without him, the team ORL cant make/hack any product.

Ch Naveen

Mr. Cat of ORL, who has dedication and commitment towards the job and smart enough to handle the clients.

Hari Babu Vanga

Mr. NANI of ORL is smart and has lots of stamina and follows guidelines sincerely. Looks innocent but not.

V Anil Kumar

Mr. CSE of ORL, his application and platform boosts the users to understand what we are upto. One main pillar of execution.

Kiran Budati

Ms. BRISK of ORL, her hard working caliber puts her in success track. Brilliant and Smart enough to play a strong team player in ORL team.

Sahithi Reddy

Mr. RIOT of ORL, he always wants to do a task very simply but. More simple the task is, more complicated it will be portrayed but SMART.

Rohan Singh

Mr.ANGELIC of ORL, sincere and plays a good role in a team where the other team members feels comfortable when working with him.

Raja Ramesh

Mr. ROCKSTAR of ORL, he can do any task given as simple as he plays music. Intelligent, and Smart enough to drive the team.

K Pranay Navyakranth